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Wiper Blades That Last for Your Car and for Self Driving Cars

If you have a self-driving capable (ie Tesla, or, or SuperCruise), or enhanced by camera vision vehicle (ie Subaru with Eyesight) its more important than ever to keep those sensors’ visibility clean and clear.  Most wipers are good and last for at least a season (really dependant on where you are and what conditions your car is in).

But the main innovation here the way I see it with this new version is that they integrate windshield treatment, and coatings with each wipe.  First you clean your windshield with their spray, and then that puts a layer of water repellant, and wipers add more supplemental treatment with each succeeding wipe.  Genius!

The wipers work very well and appear by most accounts to last a few years, and it’s one less thing to worry about with maintenance.  Also, I don’t know about you, but I get my wipers at Costco regularly.  They’re not bad, but I feel like it doesn’t even rain much for me to use them before they’re dead and need replacement (very annoying).  And every time I seem to forget what the best way to replace them is.  Yes, it’s not something I enjoy doing.

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