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A11 Series on Amazon Deal of the Day

Tineco A11 Master vs A11 Master Plus

Amazon has 30% off their A11 Master cordless vacuums today.

I wanted to find out what the deal was between the A11 Master and the A11 Master+.  Their tables don’t really share a lot of difference with the A11 showing to be actually a better deal because of the larger battery capacity.  So I spent some time researching.

What's included in A11 Master What's included in A11 Master Plus

The main difference is the Master has higher capacity battery, and the A11 Master Plus has a wall dock / charger station.  Other differences vary slightly in the accessory tools included which you can use the image comparison above to see.

This version is comparable in suction power / capability to a V6 series Dyson cordless vacuum.  I’ve owned one for years and its excellent suction, performance, and versatility make it my favorite handheld vacuum.  But, there are now newer series (the V8, V10, V11 series) which cost even more and offer even more suction power.  For that weight class though, you need to look at the Tineco S series.

Where it beats Dyson is the remove-able battery packs so you can get about an hour of run time right out of the package.

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