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The CarryOn Pack that Transforms 3 Ways

Black Ember's Forge Bag is available on Kickstarter

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Black Ember Introduces The First 3-Way Commuter Pack That Transforms Into A One-Pack Traveler  In Seconds – Live Now On Kickstarter – 

The 3-Way Pack has been a staple of Tokyo commuting culture for more than 20 years. It quickly transforms from  backpack-to-brief or shoulder bag to suit the dress code of the day.    SAN FRANCISCO — Black Ember, an independent design studio specializing in innovative technical backpacks for urban  lifestyles, announces today the release of its latest pack: the FORGE.      

Chris Gadway, Black Ember’s co-founder and chief designer, has been a fan of the three-way pack since he first discovered  these flexible packs in Tokyo in the late 90s. Three-way packs make great city/commuter packs transforming from backpack for  comfortable and efficient carry, to soft-briefcase for business, to shoulder bag for casual carry.    The problem with traditional three-way packs is that they are limited in volume, and shoulder-strap design tends to be  compromised due to limited space. The FORGE leverages several critical innovations to transform the traditional three-way pack  from a limited commuter pack to one that redefines the meaning of commute on a global scale. The FORGE offers elegant  functionality with ample volume, storage, and organization combined with full ergonomics in a single package.    Ready to go to work? The FORGE Pack completes your modern wardrobe with elegant functionality. Designed with logical gear  access in mind, the FORGE has all the organization you need for your tech-centric lifestyle. Store and retrieve essentials like  keys, wallet, phone from external fast-access pockets; soft protective packets store you tablets and laptops. Generous  easy-access pockets and hidden zipper pockets are integrated within the pack for your high security items.    

The FORGE features a ‘Butterfly Back-Panel’ that stores shoulder straps when not in use for clean briefcase-style carry. For  comfort and heavy loads, two layers of EVA foam found in the best running shoes make for an especially comfortable and  support shoulder harness. An airflow back-panel keeps you cool and dry in the summer heat.    The FORGE is a 30 liter, one-bag travel pack. Tucked away in a hidden zipper, there’s a small-strap. Give that strap a pull and  the FORGE instantly expands from 20 to 30 liters. It’s enough room for several days of clothing, footwear and toiletries. The  FORGE is compatible with rolling luggage handles, and features a TSA compliant protected and suspended laptop sleeve. Just  drop the sleeve and pass through airport security; no need to remove your laptop from your bag.    All Black Ember products benefit from our high-precision construction. All textiles including, Microhex , our proprietary  waterproof 3-layer woven textile are laser-cut for precise assembly. This construction yields a super durable, over-engineered  pack with a blacked-out minimal aesthetic. YKK Acquaguard zippers are seamlessly bonded to our textiles to make the FORGE  weatherproof in all conditions.    

The FORGE is offered in two fabrications:   ● Microhex , our proprietary 3-layer, waterproof, woven, 900D performance textile   ● Multicam , Black-Camo, 500D Cordura 

This is Black Ember’s 5th Kickstarter. The brands latest campaign has already raised over $100,000 in less than 48 hours with over 500 backers reserving their FORGE packs for worldwide delivery. The campaign still has more than 40 days to go with new backers joining every day. Black Ember has cultivated a devoted following around the world on the strength of its attention to detail in design and construction. The brand is committed to direct-to-consumer sales as well as crowdfunding in order to offer premium products at accessible pricing to ALL.

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About Black Ember: Chris Gadway, co-founder of Black Ember has held roles at some of the most celebrated global consumer brands in the world. Serving as former Global Creative Director at both Nike and The North Face, Chris brings a lifetime of design and consumer experience expertise to Black Ember. Black Ember is an independent design studio designing and developing innovative technical packs for urban lifestyles. We are a team of industrial designers and product developers with a collective experience of more than 60 years designing and building performance good and technical equipment. We most especially love bad-ass backpacks.

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