Stolen Camera Clamp Takeway

I attempted to use my new Takeway Camera clamp for the first time on a Ubike here in Taipei. It turns out that for the ride and using my Micro 4/3 OMD-EM5 II with lens was a bit too heavy for it to take steady video.

So I took the camera off but left the clamp on the bike. Rode all the way to Taipei Arena and parked my Ubike and walked around.

It wasn’t until over an hour later that I remembered that I left my clamp on the Ubike. I rushed back to see if for some reason the bike and clamp would still be there – nope. $60 USD lost.

I contact customer service at Ubike via email and they actually made a phone call to the next Ubike rider and asked if they saw it. Turns it it may have been stolen before the next Ubike rider got to it.
I do remember seeing some photographers taking pictures around the area where I parked the bike. Would a fellow photographer steal a $60 clamp? Probably did.

Lesson learned hopefully and maybe I’ll try to be more careful.

On a separate note, the Takeway clamp is pretty cool. I’m going to try and see if we could get them over in the states for sale.

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