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Shortpixel for Speedier Websites

Installed it on this WordPress site, and its an easy recommend

This was installed on this wordpress site, and it surprised me so much that its the first plug-in I installed that I wanted to share and recommend.  I didn’t even think I needed this because I have access to other tools that optimize images.  I thought I was set, with the Adobe tools, jpeg mini, and finally 10web’s built-in image optimization which I thought would do the same thing.  Apparently, I was wrong.  Check out my video below.


Shortpixel Image Optimizer

Automagically increases your site's SEO ranking by improving website performance.

100 Credits Per Month Free

Since I’m not an affiliate, my link is a referral link which grants you an extra 100 credits a month to optimize images for free.

Since I have so many images for Shortpixel to optimize, its estimating it will take 3 hours.  After that, I’m going to add the adaptive images WP plugin which is also included, then update the test results.

Update below, 86% reduction!  (I also kept the option to make full backup so that I can go back to original if I ever needed to).

Shortpixel Optimization Results

I got my site speed to A for a short while, until I added some other plugin for posts

After shortpixel plus removing plugins

To get to A, I had to remove an Instagram post plugin, a post carousel, and Youtube video. I’ve since added some stuff back in which brought it to a B as far as loading the main page.

August 11th results

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