You are currently viewing Radpower Bike Sale – Up to $350 Off

Radpower Bike Sale – Up to $350 Off

If you have been eyeing one of these bikes from RadRover lately, this is the time to get one.  The promotion is $350 off the RadRover 6 Plus and $200 off RadRunner here. That makes it $1649 for the Radrover 6 Plus and  The prices have been inching up over the past few years due to the import duties on motors and batteries from China. That has since been lifted for a lot of bicycle components but it appears to have taken a while for the eBike industry to catch up.

Save $350 on a RadRover 6 Plus For a limited time, save $350 on a RadRover 6 Plus (High-Step or Step-Thru). In-stock bikes ship within 2 business days. Offer expires 7/25 at 11:59pm PT.

RadRover 6 Plus happens to be their first, and their flagship bike. It’s a fat bike by design, which makes it good for general use and bit of trail riding.  Also decent for urban riding, at least in California where there are lots of pot holes and obstacles on the road. 

If that doesn’t suit you, and you want more utility out of your bike, the new Radrunner 2 is also on sale for $200 off bringing it down to $1299.  Its called a ‘jack of all trades’ because it does everything, just not particularly the best at everything.

Both are powered by a top-of-the-legal range 750 Watt nominal brushless geared hub motor, 5:1 planetary gear reduction. Stated wattage is the manufacturer’s rated power capacity. Actual power-to-ground wattage is under 750W to ensure ebike regulatory compliance and may vary depending on riding conditions.

Frankly at this price range the 750 Watt motor rating is fairly standard now.  This will give you a max speed of 20 MPH using throttle only and if using one of the 5 levels of pedal assistance you can get anywhere from 25-45 miles per charge (estimate).

For me, personally, I wanted a little bit more power and got myself an Aventon Aventure bike. It reports a 750 watt motor, but its a Bafang motor with a peak over 1000 watts when needed.  It also features a better integrated design, a faster charger, better controller display.  However, the hacker in me wishes I got the RadRover 6 Plus.  Maybe I will get one and compare the two…

eBike Escape did a decent comparison of the two in the above video.

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