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Quick 3 Second Deploy Awning | Save $300 Now

Kammok Launches CrosswingTM: The Fastest

Deploying Car Awning

Kammok Debuts 10th Kickstarter Project with the Launch of the

CrosswingTM Awning

Austin, TX. (May 31, 2022) — Kammok, designer of high-performance outdoor gear to elevate

time outside, is proud to unveil their newest venture into the on-vehicle marketplace with the

launch of the Crosswing Awning. The Crosswing is the fastest deploying, support-free car

awning. Designed for epic adventures and daily use alike, the Crosswing sets up and breaks

down in under three seconds for the most convenient and user-friendly awning on the market.

Unlike other awnings with cumbersome, time-consuming setups, Crosswing is the only awning

on the market designed for immediate use. The bag-free design of the aluminum housing and

lightning-fast deployment of the robust canopy fabric combine to make the world’s fastest and

easiest awning setup. When caught in a sudden downpour or looking for an immediate shade

solution, Crosswing’s super-fast setup is exactly what you need. Never talk yourself out of

setting up your awning again—Crosswing can be deployed and packed up in seconds.

Crosswing’s unique X-Frame eliminates the need for flimsy legs that add to your setup time and

get in the way of camp. The tough-as-nails aluminum housing prevents rust for a lifetime of

adventure while providing lasting protection to your canopy fabric while stowed away.

Crosswing’s waterproof, mold-resistant polyester canopy is built to protect you from the

elements, from the heaviest rains to the harshest sun, and can be deployed to three lengths (2ft,

4ft, and 6.5 ft) depending on how much space you have available. Easily attach accessories

with Crosswing’s t-slot rail that runs the full length of the underside of the housing.


Crosswing is available in two sizes, five foot and seven foot, to accommodate a wide range of

vehicles. The included custom mounts for the Crosswing attach to most roof rack systems,

including crossbars and most racks with t-slots. These mounts offer a simple, one-person install,

and also allow you to adjust the angle at which your awning depolys. Taller users with shorter

cars can install Crosswing at a 12.5° incline to allow for maximum headroom, while users with

taller vehicles might choose a -12.5° install for easier deployment. All in all, Crosswing is fully

customizable to meet the needs of you and your vehicle.


Kammok was the first outdoor company to launch on Kickstarter over 11 years ago.

The first Kammok hammock premiered in 2011 on the platform and paved the way for nine

successfully funded Kickstarter projects, over $1.9 millions in funding, and a complete lineup of

outdoor products available on The Crosswing is the 10th Kickstarter project to

debut on the platform. The launch marks a new category offering from Kammok, expanding their

existing line of elevated camp gear to on-vehicle.


“Kammok was founded with the simple belief in the restorative power of the outdoors, and we

design gear to elevate time outside. Simply put, we want to make your experiences in the

outdoors as restful and enjoyable as possible. The Crosswing is the first awning of its

kind—your essential on-vehicle shelter for both the spur of the moment adventure and the

extended stay at camp.“ -Greg McEvilly, Founder and CEO

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