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Perfect Gift for Your Elderly Parents

Chef prepped food during Corona Quarantine is Perfect

I’m a Tovala customer, and I can refer you for $50 off your oven order here with this link.  Just want to get that out of the way.  You also have a 100 day risk free trial.

Step 1:  Order the oven (its $99 during Black Friday.

Step 2: Choose the amount of chef prepared meals you want per week.  Note each meal is designed to be a full portion for (1) adult.  But if you are trying to eat light, 1 meal can be shared with two adults.

Step 3: Watch my videos on setup and prep to get an idea of what to expect.

Step 4: Setup oven, receive meals and scan and cook.

Tovala is a meal service paired with a counter-top steam oven that semi-automatically programs the appropriate cooking time, temperature, steam, for the meal.  There are over a dozen weekly meal choices to choose from as part of your meal plan.

The Tovala Oven Unboxing and Setup

What to expect your first meal delivery:

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