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nomadplug is a Power Adapter for All 195 Countries

nomadplug – the last adapter you will ever buy

The nomadplug, a compact, premium quality adapter and companion Power Delivery (PD) charger launches at CES 2021. 

What makes this adapter unique is its compact design aesthetic, the fact that it works in all 195 countries around the world, and has a PD Charger for your mobile phone and laptop – providing business professionals, leisure travellers and nomads with the ultimate convenience. 

The nomadplug is made up of multiple interlocking modules which are secured together by rare earth magnets, this allows the device to be configured in multiple ways without ever losing a part. A unique hinge ensures the adapter will not slip out of a wall socket.  

The material finishes and trendy color options enable a premium look and feel that fits into the toolset of a design conscious user.

The compact device is easy to hold, easy to store, intuitive to use and enables the user to “go anywhere” without worrying if they will be able to use or charge a device in any particular country, coffee shop or on the go. 

“Tired of purchasing cheap bulky travel adapters for each trip, only to have them get lost in a drawer, and still having to carry a laptop and mobile phone power brick – I was inspired to create the nomadplug to match the clean design aesthetic of a macbook and pixelbook. The nomadplug is the last adapter you will ever need”, says Ryan Silberman, creator of the nomadplug.

The nomadplug comes in 9 different versions and 6 different colors. Retail pricing from $44 for the nomad US Traveller version, to $149 for the 65W nomad World Charger version.

The 18W version will be launching at CES and be available for purchase from 13 January at for $76.44 including shipping.




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