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New Site Based on WordPress

I’m back, and now with a new WordPress based site.  Since I’m green with using WordPress, its taking me a while to learn, import and build this site back up.  This is a new beginning, fused with some old posts I was able to recover from some blogger based sites.  

I wish there was some way to import all my stuff from SquareSpace 4 but there doesn’t seem to be a great importer for that.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, I will have more to share about this build later if anybody is interested.  If not, please enjoy the content I’ll be posting here for the foreseeable future.

Site is hosted by 10web <—referral link here.  Review or some sort of video will be created some time after I get more situated.
Builder is Elementor Free edition for now.

I’m still working out the plugins, so I will share more about that in future posts.

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