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New Awesome Adventure Pack for Photographers by Shimoda | Shimoda X

What sets Shimoda apart is the design.

I have a bag problem. If you’re reading this, you might have one too. The problem I’m referring to of course is finding the perfect bag. I’m not sure that it exists. But with this Shimoda Action X introduction its one step closer for me, and anybody else that has Adventure on their Bucket List.

For Adventures with cameras, it checks all the marks. It protects your camera, adjustable to fit most body shapes, carries other adventure gear on the outside, is expandable, and modular. Also most importantly for me, it gives me the flexibility of bringing along a 15″ laptop (or 16″ if you wait for the new Apple Macbook Pro).

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The X50 is what fits my needs the most.

The X50 is not too small, and not too large.  More importantly its a carry-on because most of my adventures will require some sort of public transportation on the plane, train or car.  And much of my bucket list involves international travel.

Also, I’m really liking the rolling camera bag option so…

Action X50 Master Kit for me!

The master kit has this ingenious rolling bag for the core module that opens like a doctor’s bag so that you don’t have to deal with a flap that takes up more space when open and clamps shut fast to pick up and go.

Time and testing will tell whether or not the new Shimoda kit will do everything I need for my coming adventures.

I’m really optimistic about this setup kit. Even if the whole thing doesn’t work for my adventures, there are bits and pieces that should interchange well with my other bags and kits.

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