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My Next Travel Pocket Flosser

What it is and Why You Need It

 YOX is an innovative and compact water flosser designed to make hygienic teeth cleaning fun and effortless. This compact model can deliver up to 65 PSI of pressurized water for effective cleaning. It is fastened with 2 cleaning modes that effectively removes even the tiniest debris from your mouth. The best part? The YOX is designed particularly for people who need the absolute most out of their daily hygiene routine without causing any pain.

I got my wisdom tooth removed last year.  (I know, really, really late).  The removal still left a pocket where food gets stuck pretty often.  Its just something I have to live with now ( I guess).  In order to clean my mouth properly, I’ve had to bring a pocket flosser with me of which there are very few that are super portable and any good. 

I currently use the Panasonic  DJ10 flosser which I must have purchased 10 years ago from Fry’s electronics.  Its due for a replacement.  The battery doesn’t last as long as I like, its a bit difficult to clean, and I’ve broken the nozzle by mistake and its put together with glue right now.

This addresses a number of those issues ( I hope ).  Particularly the replacement nozzles, battery life, and higher water pressure.

Back it now for just over $40 shipped from Hong Kong next year.

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