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Much Skadu About Cleaning

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Meet Skadu, the new hand-held power scrubber that effortlessly cleans even the most stuck up grime on any surfaces in your home. Hyper Lychee’s engineering and technology has been razor-focused on developing the most powerful compact scrubber that delivers impeccable cleaning results. 

The lightweight ergonomic design lets you catch a comfortable hold, while the three rotating power scrubbers make scrubbing fast and fun!

Find cleaning physically exhausting

Find cleaning time consuming

Find it annoying to remove grime build-up


Press the “on” button on the bottom and attack that nasty grime. Achieve hyper-clean surfaces with zero effort!

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Skadu comes with three different attachments, to cover a wide range of surfaces and levels of ingrained dirt and help you adjust to the most diverse requirements.

The Triple Head: 

Our PDT system (Planetary Distribution Technology) distributes the motor’s power evenly to the three scrubbers while allowing them to rotate in opposite directions. And that powerful opposite rotation is exactly what helps you scrub stubborn grime so much faster with zero effort. 

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Scratch Free – Triple Head: 

A set of scratch-free pads ensures thorough and safe cleaning of your delicate appliances.

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The triple head Scrubbing pads can be easily interchanged as they are attached using industrial-grade velcro:

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The Bottle Brush: 

Say goodbye to the grime at the bottom of your bottles – baby bottles, protein shakes, coffee travel mugs, soda stream (one of our beta testers loves it because he can clean the base of the soda stream bottle that never gets clean enough in the dishwasher), and about any container that you can think of. The bottle brush attachment is the extra power you need to give a thorough cleaning right to the bottom rim and scrub off that greasy grime build up. 

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The bottle brush has a total length of 20cm and can reach the base of bottles, glasses, and containers of all types up to 35cm! 


The Copper Scrubber: 

The copper scrubber attachment is here to effortlessly remove burnt food from your BBQ and oven grill plates. When you need that extra level of toughness, this is the attachment. Why copper? Because it is incredibly tough and durable while being gentle to all surfaces and 100% recyclable.

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We have been using this pan on a gas stove for the past years, without once cleaning the backside of it. So enough time for layers of oily hardcore grime to build up. Perfect! Challenge accepted, let’s see Skadu’s Copper Scrubber Attachment take on this scrubbing nightmare:


This is our secret breakfast recipe – Eggs, Marshmallows, BBQ Sauce & Tomatoes! Yum, we burnt it nice and long on our brand-new Stainless Steel Pan just to take up the challenge of cleaning it up without soaking the pan. Let’s see Skadu clean this burnt grime up in under 60 seconds:



Since we couldn’t find the perfectly up-to-the-task motor, we engineered our own. The Hyper Lychee motor technology can drive immense power (, just what you need to take the effort out of scrubbing tough jobs.

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Skadu uses Hyper Lychee’s advanced Planetary Distribution Technology (PDT), which delivers the power of three scrubbers in one device. By enabling the scrubber disks to rotate in opposite directions, a multiplier effect is created to remove even the toughest grime with great speed. It channels 5x the scrubbing efficiency compared to its competitors. 

We have engineered this special motor for Skadu to have enhanced performance driving an on-load torque of 8 This motor combined with our PDT system, and even the nastiest grime vanishes fast without you having to lean in and apply pressure.

Visitors and industry experts at CES 2020 got their hands on Skadu and gave in their thoughts. It was the validation that Skadu and the team needed to move towards market launch.


Hyper Lychee’s Skadu has been turning heads with its innovative approach. Silicon Valley-based accelerator Motwani Jadeja Foundation selected Hyper Lychee as one of the Top-5 most Innovative Technology Startups to exhibit at CES 2020. 

We were covered by various media publications and outlets for our work and participation

This April, We sent prototypes to beta testers to get real feedback and work out initial kinks. The results were amazing! We heard how it was super easy to clean up garden pots. We heard about how Skadu scrubbed clean a dirty bike. We heard about how it made cleaning therapeutic instead of a dreaded chore. More than anything, we heard time and again how simple Skadu was to use. We can’t wait to spread the cleanliness and hygiene and see Skadu in many more households across the world.



Unleash the full potential of Skadu using Skadu’s App. The feedback from 6 different sensors on the dashboard provides a detailed analysis on how to optimize your product use for various tasks. The App also features a community section where you can ask questions and share cleaning tips, tricks and experiences with all fellow Skaduers! The Skadu Store makes it convenient to purchase extra attachments, consumables, and get in touch with us for any query or request! 


Shipping, Taxes (and VAT) will be calculated and paid for towards the end of the campaign before we ship out to you. During these uncertain times, shipping costs have gone up significantly, however, we do believe that the prices will go down as the situation gets better globally.

We have an internal, dedicated logistics team to ensure you get your Skadu without any errors and at the best price.

Hence, we do not charge shipping right now, upon pledging is at the interest of our supporters as the prices today might be more expensive than that in a few weeks time.

Here are our estimates of what shipping would be:

If your country or region is not listed above click here:  Worldwide Shipping Estimates 

* Prices do not include taxes and VAT. That will be subject to the laws and regulations of each individual country.

** We use customs friendly shipping and we ship worldwide.

*** Please note that these are estimates and the actual costs of shipping may vary slightly depending on the circumstances.



At Hyper Lychee we are a family – literally! The two co-founders Hannan and Juzer are cousins and they’ve roped in their most talented friends and close family to build this company.

One day Hannan walked into the kitchen of his great uncle and aunt who are both 60 years old in New Jersey and saw them scrubbing/cleaning by hand and they were struggling, he realized that this is a painful task not just for him but even worse for seniors – a task that we’ve just given into. After trying out various products that didn’t work because they were either too slow or weak, he decided to build Skadu.

He first ran the idea by Juzer and he said: “Bro, let’s do this – let’s change the way everyone scrubs clean, this can really improve people’s quality of life!”.

And so Hyper Lychee was born!

A 100 prototypes later the team is finally ready to bring the ultimate power scrubber to your homes.

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