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Mellow Sous Vide Goes Duo

Mellow is a unique solution to store, then sous vide cook your food to have almost ready by the time you get home.

So now they've introduced v2, which offers duo cooking containers in one. Souse Video Meat and Vegetables separately at the same time!

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What I particularly like about this is that it simply works.  I prepare the ingredients, into a bag.  Put it in the unit, and power it on telling Mellow when I’d like it ready.

It will keep everything cool until its ready to cook. Then it automatically cooks my food.  All at the same time notifying me of the status and when its ready.

I primarily use it for meats, steak, chicken, pork usually.

But sometimes I do the eggs as well.  I’ve never done vegetables because I have one sous vide option, and its going to do the meat.  With the duo, I can do both.  That is the point isn’t it?

My videos on this page of the first generation Mellow Sous Vide which I purchased myself on Amazon here.

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