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Last Day for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pre-Order. Here’s 10% Off

I waited till the last day to put in my pre-order. I'm glad I did because I found out that Samsung has a referral program that you can stack with all the other promos.

Here is my referral code you apply at checkout: ref-uehol8

This stacked with all the other promos, trade-ins, offers, discounts, points, cashback, etc so far according to some other reports. It didn't come into my radar until this morning.

About my pre0order and the extra $100 off

There is another trick that may be too late though for an additional 10% off. It appears that users that had pre-ordered before but almost got cancelled because the payment couldn't be processed got an additional 10% off coupon to update payment information to get the phone out to them. I don't know if it will work at this late hour (pre-orders end tonight) but it might be worth a shot if you didn't care one way or another about the new Note 10.

Want to see what the trade-in offers look like? Check out my other video below:

My thoughts on the Note 10, plus pre-order incentives

My preorder is supposed to ship out to me first week of September, with accessories following about a month later. That includes the case… I guess I'll be looking for an alternative case in the meantime. Any suggestions?

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