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krisp.ai is Noise Cancellation for Meetings

krisp.ai is Noise Cancellation for Meetings

Krisp is the productivity tool you need if you spend time in online meetings, webinars, conferences, or summits.  Krisp mutes the background noise for all parties so that you can hear each other talk.  It’s that simple.  It works with any app (PC/Mac) that supports audio input and output.

If you only listen, and do not participate (ever), just do the FREE Plan.  

It WorksMobile Not Included
PC and MacPhone Calls / Mobile Extra
Lifetime DealFree option fine for non-participating attendees.
Mutes Background NoiseAlso mutes frequencies higher than 16 kHz
Private, Nothing is Uploaded to Krisp
$39 per codeStacking doesn't give extra benefits
Live Background Noise ReductionRecorded Audio Not Fully/Officially Supported at this time*

krisp test in LOUD Starbucks | Right Under Speaker in Corner

Starbucks krisp Testing. https://jo.my/krisp - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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