I got a SmallRig Clone Cage for the RX100 VII

I got a SmallRig Clone Cage for the RX100 VII

Sometimes getting a cheaper product can be almost as good.

I’ve only had the cage about two weeks or so.  So far no complaint as the original fit and finish is remarkably similar to the Smallrig version but without the wooden grip portion.  Everything else appear to be a clone, but this is much cheaper at under $40.

It was easy to install around the lens barrel.  The key is to loosen up the ring more than you would think and slide it on right.  Installation takes less than a minute and the tool is included.

In use, I bet the wooden grip would have been better but maybe not $26 better.  Plus, you can also attach your own grip for better usability but of course at the expense of portability.

One thing I wish was included was a cold shoe mount, but you can get those for a couple of bucks.

In case you are wondering, the built-in flash pops up just right over where it needs to be.  There is just enough clearance that it doesn’t interfere with functionality.

Here’s where its better than the SmallRig.  It has an arca swiss compatible mount.  Perfect for the tripod heads that I use, so that saves me from having to attach another plate.

I primarily rig it out with a spider holster type ball, an arm for a rode video micro microphone and attach a Peak Design plate on the other side for landscape shots.  Throughout the day I attach and detach stuff depending on how small of a rig I want.  So far its worked out, except for the arm that holds my rode micro.  But I suspect a different plug in microphone might solve that for most of my use = vlog footage.

So that’s my setup for now + filters.


Here are the Sony RX100 M6/M7 Cages I've found on Amazon

Badget Text

The best non-permanent filter system I've found for the Sony RX-100 VII

Dedicated for SONY RX100 VI M6/RX100 VII M7Holds up to 2 square filters360 degree rotatingAluminum-alloy construction filter holder and optical glass fitlers; Easy to install and removeIncludes: 1 x Filter Holder; 1 x Medium GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Graduated Filter; 1 x HD Polariser; 1 x GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Filter; 1 x Pouch

Check Pricing on Amazon

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