Hi all

As some of you know, I’ve been experiencing some rather erratic connectivity / email issues as of late. 2-3 Days ago I stopped receiving ALL email messages on my blackberry – sending was fine. I called up Tmobile technical support, moved up the service ladders from tmobile regular, blackberry level 1, then escalated to blackberry level 2. I must say the customer support was excellent, fast and efficient. After playing around with some settings, removing the battery, running some tests, resetting my password to the blackberry.net client, we figured out that it was my ‘service book’. Somehow this got corrupted, and he had to send me a new one. I had to accept them.

Its all good now.

On top of that, the service rep noticed that I was nearly at full email/data storage capacity and upgraded my storage capacity to 25 MB (you usually only get 10). If like me, you’re always running out of space, II recommend that you call up Tmobile for blackberry assistance, and request a similar remedy.

Back to crackin’

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