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Don’t Buy Apple Magsafe Duo, Unless…

Apple released the Magsafe Duo charger along with the new iPhone 12 series.  Its not quite air power, but it improves on Qi Wireless charging in two very distinct ways.

1. The magnets ensure the most optimal alignment for the most efficient wireless charging possible.

2. Its the most portable Magsafe charger for both your iPhone 12 series and your Apple Watch on the market.

But unless you meet the following criteria, it doesn’t make sense for you to buy one.

First its obvious, you have an Apple Watch. If you don’t have an Apple watch or plan on getting one, just get a Magsafe only charger.  The proprietary charger that isn’t the Magsafe portion is only for Apple Watches (any generation).  You lose half the functionality in the duo part of the charger if you won’t be charging the Apple Watch. 

Second, you have an iPhone 12+ that supports /magsafe.  When done propertly, with the correct USB-C power adapter, you can achieve 14/15 watts max charging speed with this combination.  Otherwise, your iPhone charges at 7.5 watts, which is pretty slow.  You don’t need this pricey charger to charge at slow speeds, any number of third party qi chargers will do the same for a much cheaper price.

Third, the retail $129.99 Apple Tax price seems reasonable to you to have both wireless chargers for its simplicity and portability.

If you don’t meet those three criteria, there’s many other options you should look at within the same price range that will likely suit you better.  Some of which I will be exploring on future Youtube videos.

I tried this clone of the Apple Magsafe Duo. Its not what I expected.

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