CES 2020

CES 2020

CES (aka Consumer Electronics Show) is the biggest electronics show that happens once a year in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve been going for at least 20 years now… yup… Now its absolutely massive and even if I were to spend a whole week there, I might only be able to see just 25% of the show floor in any level of detail. Trust me, it can be overwhelming.

I ended up going just the last 3 days of CES this year. On the first of the last three days, I decided to switch up my pass to be an influencer for the media badge credentials. It was worth it for the press lounge, and complimentary lunch plus there was no line at all by the time I made it to CES.

The first day I hit up the health and fitness area of the show. Here are some highlights:

The next few days were spent running through trying to see as much as I can. They were mostly half days, but I did see some interesting things worthwhile of a video that maybe the big Youtubers didn’t cover. And mostly for good reason, because there probably isn’t as much interest or viewership for it…

I really liked the ingenuity of this standing desk from Korea.

Since most CES videos don’t get a lot of views (for my channel at least), I’ll be doing videos instead of some of the samples and gear I’ll be getting for the channel later in the year.

Something a lot of people ask is what was the most interesting thing I saw?

  • Artificial humans powered by AI (watch the video below)
  • The Sony Car
Neon report by CNBC
Covered by MKBHD

There was a lot of people surrounding the Sony car, so I didn’t get a chance to see it closely but luckily there has been a lot of coverage you can already see. It’s a prototype car that will never be mass produced. Instead its just to showcase a lot of the technologies that Sony is behind in a lot of automobile electronics.

Overall it was a good show, and I had a decent time seeing a lot of the products and services that may have been announced before CES, but only had a chance to get a hands on at the show.

I recorded a lot of video clips which I may be releasing over the next few weeks. More importantly, I’ll be acquiring some new things I’ll be doing videos about on my channel. So stay tuned!

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