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Apple HomePod vs Echo Studio (Sound Quality)

Apple’s Homepod has now dropped to $199.99 at Best Buy this past week and this week, which puts it directly in competition with Amazon’s new Echo Studio.  I’ve seen and heard the Echo studio in person, but never side by side with Apple’s Homepod.  Both sound pretty decent, but I was listening in a relatively loud public environment.

I've read a lot of reviews...

The Echo Studio is more powerful, has dolby atmos, and more importantly has line-in options. Alexa is much more useful in my household.

Homepod was designed to be neutral sounding.  Some say its more natural sounding.  This is what an audiophile wants, and Apple knows it.  But since it only supports Airplay and Apple Music its use is much more limited.  And of course only Siri can do iMessage and integrate with Apple Homekit.

Unboxing, Setup, Initial Impressions and Sound Quality Samples vs HomePod

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