Much Skadu About Cleaning

Scrubbing can be incredibly time-consuming and annoying, so it's no wonder we hate it. Skadu claims to help you effectively clean your brushes by spinning three disks in opposite directions. What this means is the more disks you spin, the more vigorously they scrub your scrubbing brush – which concentrates and multiplies your scrubbing force. The resulting effect is that the brush feels like new again, ready for another load of paint.

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Who Needs a 210 Watt Power Output Pocketable Battery Bank?

The ZMI PowerPack No. 20 offers a maximum output power of 100W for the USB-C1 port, 45W output power for the USB-C2 port, and 100W output power for the USB-A port. The total active output power for all three ports is 210W. Starts at $99 with this Indiegogo campaign.

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Sony’s new Alpha 1

Sony has announced the a1, a high-res, fast, 50MP camera that shoots 4K video at 30 fps. It uses two new Bionz XR processors to stay silent and without blackout while still having twice as many pixels as the a9. Despite having four times as many pixels as the a9, this camera is capable of 1.5x less rolling shutter than previous models, allowing flash sync at up to 1/200 sec.

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