Poor blue office chair. I really should have treated her with more care. She creaked and groaned right down to the very end when the arm cracked suddenly one night. Woe was I till I saw the leapchair and it was love at first sight!

I broke off the arm to my beloved blue ergonomic chair. I suppose 7 years is a decent lifespan for an office chair that gets more use than my bed. But it was the perfect excuse to get a new one! I opted for the leapchair and took a picture of it on my picture blog site.

If you have back problems or sit in front of the computer a deal part of the day. Do yourself a big favor and get a good supportive chair! Your back is worth it! I’d recommend an Aeron Chair or a Leap Chair. But whatever you do, don’t get one of those cheap $50.00 ‘manager chairs’ and expect to do real work in it at a desk!

See a demonstration of the adjustments on my leap chair (you will need flash installed).

Read the brochure – very informative.

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