Ever step out of the shower and catch yourself in the mirror? I’ve felt like I let myself go too far and I’ve lost weight in spite of all the buffets I’ve been having (just had 4 last week – Todai, Hometown, O-nami, and Buffet City). That must mean that my muscles are turning to flab, and I’m getting flabby and skinny at the same time. I’ve decided today to schedule 3 hours of weight training per week no matter what till I get back in shape. And then a minimum of 1 hour of cardio. I’ll post my results in 3 months – I figured that’d be enough time to get the results I want.

I want:

6-8% body fat

6-8 pack abs

bench press 220 lbs

run a 6 minute mile

There’s a good chance that I’ll meet some of those goals in less than 3 months – I know because I used to have some of those stats years ago — but that would give me more time to up the stats and improve even more.

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