Today I took some photos of the local Hacienda Heights Girl’s Soccer “14” team in practice. The lighting was horrible – I was forced to use ISO1600 digital film. For you non-photographers out there, this is a highly light sensitive setting that allows one to take pictures in lower light. The downfall is that it also adds a lot of ‘noise’ which I simply had to remove.

After fussing with photoshop for an hour with less than satisfactory results, I decided to look for a professional solution. I found it in NeatImage! Go download a demo and try it on your noisiest – I guarantee that you will be amazed at the results. It handles noise like what Cooledit does for ‘noisy’ audio recordings.

If you’re not a pro, and are going to be using your pictures for personal (non-commercial use), the freeware demo is good enough for you! Its not crippleware in my definition; just less full featured than the Pro version. Also, if you have a popular digital camera – there are ready made noise profiles available online so that you can get great results on your first try!

It is by far the best solution I’ve come across for noisy photos – so good, that after testing the demo out on a few pictures, I busted out my Amex card and bought the Pro version software. Yes…It’s that good. I’d easily make back my investment in this software with just 1 ‘noisy’ photoshoot!

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