EX3 sold, but not enough to make it worthwhile I might as well have kept it till the prices rose again. Well, I have 2 more to play around with. ‘David’ asked if I had included an MSRP of the scooter, would it have sold higher? In this case, probably not. People who wanted one already purchased it 2 weeks ago. Within a span of over a week, there was only one truly interested buyer who most likely bid well over $800 to ensure that he would win. Since this is an auction, the closest competitor only bid up to $635.00. The best times to sell an item is when its still hot – and especially when the company is generating a lot of interest (several months ago). I actually had an offer to purchase it straight out at $900.00 3 weeks ago; however I declined at the time. Sometimes its just luck – that’s what makes ebay auctions exciting for buyers; in this case he got a good deal.

Today, a fellow ebayer pointed out blatant copy right infringement of my photographs and listing information for use with his ex3 auction. Looks like a possible scam. I sent him a warning and cease and desist the auction. If he doesn’t take the auction down/or pictures down, I’ll have to report it to ebay through the VERO program.

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