I was disappointed that Costco no longer accepted Discover Card and forced their members to use American Express as an alternative. Now I wish I had purchased everything with my AMEX.

There’s been a lot of news about American Express’s BVG ending. I just called up American Express and they said it varies from card member/card type to type. So I called and found out that I can still use the Best Value Guarantee for my card ON and OFFline. Add that up with no annual fee, no credit limit, membership rewards points, automatic warranty extension, automatic theft insurance, excellent customer service and we have a real winner. I charged over $14,000 this past two months and am up the wazoo in reward points = free travel, free clothes, free movies. I’m loving it! I’m ready to cancel all my other cards except maybe Citibank, and only because they have SONY points. If you have American Express and are unsure if the BVG ending will affect you, I encourage you to call [unlike other credit card/charge card companies, you aren’t on hold for-ever] and find out – 800-557-8317.

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