Today is one of those days… Normally I don’t post these days, but I know of at least one friend who likes to hear of such things and I don’t like telling the same story over and over… so, here goes:

I had a 10 AM appointment with a client in downtown San Jose. Traffic was sparse, clear weather, perfect driving conditions (it had rained last week leaving the street ‘cleaner’ than its ever been). I exit off the 87 onto park ave, and was trying to make a right hand turn when the car suddenly stopped right in front of me ON the train tracks!

I stomped on the brakes but it was too late. *bump* I’ll never forget that feeling split seconds before impact. I turned on the emergency blinkers, checked for traffic and stepped out of my car.

“Are you OK?” “Is Everyone OK”. The first words out of her mouth were, “Do you speak Vietnamese?”. “No. Sorry”. I went passed her to the passengers to see if they were ok. The kids; of them seemed ok. They were up and excited trying to get out of their safety belts (thank god they wore safety belts.”

We both looked at the cars – honestly, I didn’t see any damage. I looked at the passenger (she understands English perfectly well) “Lets pull over the side of the road and exchange contact information.

We pull over. I honk and point to keep going (she parked in a no parking zone, next to a bus stop). She drives another block down and parks in an industrial parking lot; I pull up behind her.

The passenger gets out and softly hits me on the shoulder “you know we’re in a hurry to get to the airport.” “I’m sorry, I said. Why did you stop on the train tracks? You’re not supposed to stop on the train tracks.” “Stop light, the driver replied.”.

“I’m late for my appointment too. Let’s exchange car insurance information.” I run to my glove compartment, take out the information and my digital camera. I hand her the contact information.

(to be continued…) I’m typing my story while the server is running maintenance…

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