Today I went browsing for friends to add to my ‘friendster’ shopping cart. Saw a few that I liked and click’d add. Friends I have not seen in a looong time. It wasn’t long after that I clicked add that friendster just stopped working for me. Now I KNOW its not my T1 line. Friendster should use that $100 million in funding at get new servers!

Interesting enough a few days ago I added the Wilson High School ‘friend’ to my degrees of separation. I’m not so sure I like that – who runs that thing anyway? It sure doesn’t look like the school itself. Same with pawprints… (Wilson High School Newspaper I was part of).

Anyway, without losing my stream of thought… I clicked through and found that most of the pictures made people simply unrecognizable to me. Put that with a slow friendster server and you stop browsing after a short for a while. That prompted me to change some of my pics on friendster to be ‘more easily recognized.’ Its always cool to hear from an old friend.

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