I slept in today.

Saturday I didn’t sleep at all because we had to get some stuff done before I dropped my brother off for his trip to DC.

Last night I slept a full 9 hours! This is quite an accomplishment since I’ve been sleeping at 4 and waking up at 9 this whole past week.

Since my studio got set up last month, I haven’t had any time to take any pictures other than catalog pictures I decided to set up the lights for a quick portait session. Since nobody is around (at the office), I made myself the subject and added the photo to my friendster photo list.

Speaking of friendster… more and more people are opting to just ‘e-message’ me there rather than through regular email. The plus side is that (so far) I haven’t been receiving any real spam on my frienster account (which google had just funded with 100 million $). The minus side is that I have to log into friendster to read the message. Replying is yet another thing.

Also, I seem to be missing a friend or two – not sure if its my fault or friendsters. O well – friendster is nothing more to me than a ‘yearbook’ for me right now. If you’re not on there, not on my list of friends, doesn’t mean that we aren’t – and I guess it can go the other way too. A person can have a lot of acquantainces, but I choose not to be a friend hog if I can help it. That’d just diminish the whole usefulness of friendster should I make more use of it. What is nice is that as a friend, its easy to send bulletin messages to each other about events and activities. Since I’m so drawn up in work anyway none of it really applies…

I’m seeing alot of people posting their pets in place of their own pictures. Pets can be friends too can’t they? Maybe friendster should ad a pet section.

I hope google can make friendster more than it is today. We’ll see in a few months…

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