I connected with a few ol’ friends on Friendster today – I guess its my reward for putting up with all the kicked off connections. When are those servers going to be ready??? I *had* hoped that providing a longer more extensive profile would take the work out of catching up with some people, but its still no substitute for face to face.

Interesting news I heard on XM radio. The first successful tongue transplant was performed earlier today on a man with a malignant tumor. In Africa two men were arrested for renting corpses for people to place in their cars to get ahead of the fuel line. Some famous hockey player who was missing since the late 80s was found in the Alps, fully intact. I wonder if they’re going to thaw him and bring him back to life.

Cool off this week with Free Cold Stone Creamery ice cream starting the 24th of July. Go to their website for details.

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